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Welcome to my commissions website!

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How I work

Quick intro on me !

I typically work via posting YCH slots on my Twitter page, usually 3 slots open at any one time. Follow me to grab those & updates.

However, below you can see other, custom commissions I'm currently offering ! DM me if you're interested in either YCH or the custom commissions you see on here.

My prices are in GBP (Great British Pounds). I send a Paypal invoices which will automatically set the money you want to send to GBP and tell you the conversion rate alongside it.

Make sure to read my T&Cs ! These are what we both automatically agree to when you ask to commission me.

Any questions? Let me know !!

T & C's

What I expect from you:

✭ Payment is to be made upfront and via the PayPal invoice I send over (or via my Paypal link in some circumstances).

✭ Payment is expected in full (and tips are very much appreciated!) before any work begins

✭ I do not accept refunds once work has begun (except in very certain situations) or returns of adoptables (all sales are final)

✭ Please make sure you are paying in GBP (Great British Pounds: £) or your currency's equivalent of the set price. If the price is £8 and you pay $8, I will have to ask you to send the rest as dollars (and most other currencies) are worth less than pounds. You can check Google for conversion rates, but Paypal will do it for you when you go to pay.

✭ I need clear illustrated references in order to work, I cannot accept written refs

✭ I appreciate honest communication. If you want something changed, please say so. I do not charge extra for minor changes.

✭ If you use or share my art anywhere, please credit me wherever possible. You're free to do what you want, but if you're thinking of using it for something big I'd appreciate you throw a tip my way! I would also like to see what you do, so DM or tag me !!

✭ You are welcome to ask for updates via DMs, but please don't ask every hour etc.

✭ Please be aware that I usually charge an extra few pounds for complex designs (I will state how much up-front on the advertising post). I am quite lenient, but I do have the final say if yours is complex.

✭ For physical items, the Paypal invoice I send over must be paid in full before I ship things out. Please check your emails for it!

What to expect from me

✭ I will usually do 1-2 WIPs per big piece, but I will provide extra ones if you ask! If it is a small YCH (for example, colour on a base) I will send the final over, and you can tell me if anything needs changing on that

✭ I will do every commission to the best of my ability in terms of art and how long it takes

✭ I will always tell you when you can expect it done, and where you are in my queue. I will tell you if there is any changes to that time frame.

✭ I strive to be easy to talk to, open to changes and ideas, and fun to work with

✭ I may post completed art on my Twitter page once we have confirmed that it is finished. I will tag you in it, so if you do not want to be tagged do let me know beforehand

✭ I will post the finished HQ files on, and you can download it from there. I can also email it to you if you prefer

✭ I will often provide a transparent version along with a one-colour background version (let me know what you want that colour to be, otherwise it will be random).

✭ I work via a first-come, first-serve basis so keep up to date with my Twitter for updates on slots, etc.

✭ I send out physical items bought from me ASAP! I do not control how quickly it can get to you by post, however.

✭ For refunds on physical items sold, it will only be issued on the safe return of the item. If the item I shipped has not arrived for you after a month or so, I will attempt to send another.

Lined Comms

Commissions with lineart

Pixel comms

Commissions of pixel art

Pixel Busts (250 x 250px) - £9
includes: basic props / accessories
+£2 complex props / accessories

Pixel Full-Bodies (400x400px) - £18
Includes: basic props / accessories
+£4 complex props / accessories


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